Visual communication surrounds us. Images are a huge part of today's world and have great potential to document the factual or express the imaginary. They can stimulate thought and challenge opinion. In a world where we are becoming increasingly disconnected from each other and ourselves, I strongly believe it is the arts that help us reconnect. No other language is as powerful, nor can speak to so many different people.
As a child I let my imagination run away and I was always keen to convey my ideas and feelings through images. Now, art allows me to communicate things that I would not be able, or willing, to put into words. For years I have had a fixation with making a connection with the people around me and photography allows me to do that. It also satiates my craving to create. I feel that my work stems from my curiosity about human nature and years of struggle with my own identity and place in the world. I aim to expose people's real as well as constructed selves, the underlying emotions and basic drives behind their behaviour. I have done this through portraiture, street, documentary, as well as live and sport photography.